How We Can Walk With Mary in Lent | feat. Fr. Edward LooneyHow We Can Walk With Mary in Lent | feat. Fr. Edward Looney

It’s hard to believe, but the beginning of Lent is quickly approaching. In hopes that we can make this Lent bear great spiritual fruits, long-time CE author Fr. Edward Looney joins Michael to discuss how Mary can help us through our Lenten journey.

By examining the life of Mary and the words she has given us at her apparitions, Fr. Looney shares how we can walk with Mary and have intercede for us in Lent and beyond. You’ll also discover that Mary truly seeks to heal us and bring us to her Son, our Lord.

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Among some other subjects that we touch on:

  • The prayers Mary requested us to make at seven apparitions.
  • How Mary’s prayers can convert sinners (check out Fr. Looney’s article on this subject here on Catholic Exchange)
  • Mary’s help in overcoming entrenched sins.
  • Why we ask Mary to pray for us now.
  • Why we should pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary during Lent.
  • How Jesus heals Mary’s broken heart (and how He can do the same for you).
  • How to pray to hear God’s voice.
  • How St. Faustina and Mother Mary can guide us in putting more of our trust in God.
  • The apparition of Mary in Champion, Wisconsin.
  • Why Lent is a special time to ask Mary to help you pray for your departed loved ones.

Some resources we mentioned: