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Category: Bishop Borys Gudziak

Archbishop sees ‘genocidal intent’ in Putin, says Ukrainians will die before surrender

Ukraine’s top-ranking Catholic prelate in the United States has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of genocide and has said Ukrainians will not back down from Russia’s “imperialist” agenda, but are willing to die to protect their freedom.

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Ukrainian archbishop: Minority faiths at risk if Russia wins

The top-ranking Ukrainian Catholic cleric in the United States warned Thursday that religious minorities in the Eastern European country stand to be “crushed” if Moscow gains control, as fighting raged on more than a month after the Russian invasion began.

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‘Defend these innocent civilians,’ says Ukrainian Catholic archbishop

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Russian President Vladimir Putin did not invade Ukraine out of concern that NATO would encroach on his borders, but concern about “the disease of democracy that could spread like a virus, and that’s deadly for oligarchies and authoritarian rulers,” said the archbishop who serves as a “foreign […]

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