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“Like a Branch Rejoined”: A Journey from Eastern Orthodoxy to Catholicism

One joy of the Catholic life is receiving good news from the darkest places. Few places have seemed darker in the past year than Ukraine, currently under brutal assault from Russia. The Ukrainian people have shown remarkable courage in the face of vicious aggression, but the military front lines are not the only location of […]

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Pray, Hope, and Just Do It

Last week, Shia LaBeouf rocked the Catholic world by announcing that he converted to traditional Catholicism while portraying Padre Pio for an upcoming film. His arc bears a resemblance to the life of another young convert, also an artist, who was the recipient of Dom Hubert van Zeller’s Letters to a Soul, a collection of […]

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Preaching to the unconverted

Catholic Spectacle and Rome’s Jews: Early Modern Conversion and Resistance Emily Michelson Princeton University Press, £30, 352 pages In 1555 Pope Paul IV decreed that Rome’s Jews, “who through their own fault were condemned to eternal servitude”, should now live within the walls of a ghetto whose doors would be locked at night. These strictures

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The Necessary Unity of Intellect and Will

Charlotte Evans of Catholic News Agency released an article August 5 on the ecumenical discussions at the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England.  She noted the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, made the statement that he and most Anglicans acknowledge the pope to be “the father of the Church in the West.”  However, Welby and […]

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