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“The Children of Disobedience”: America and the Second Great Awakening

Progressives and forward-looking elites pride themselves on being or becoming “woke.” In common with other advocates of supposedly new and improved products and ideas, however, contempt for anything other than their own opinions often leads […]

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The Fine Art of Name-Calling

The best way to hide the fact that you’re a culture warrior is to accuse others, who don’t agree with…

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Blessed King & Emperor Karl von Habsburg

After World War One [1914-1918] had been underway for 2 years, the long-reigning emperor of one of the warring empires –Austria-Hungary–died and the throne was succeeded by his grandnephew, Karl, a visibly saintly man, who spent his precious two years on the throne making multiple offers for peace that were rejected. This caused the war to be extended two more years and millions of more deaths. In 1918 WWI came to an end, the empire was dismantled with the help of masons and other anti-Catholics here and abroad, and Karl and his wife, Empress Zita, were arrested and literally shipped 2000 miles away to a Portuguese island called Madeira off the coast of west Africa, with their seven children following later. He died there soon after, in penury, at the age of 34, leaving his pregnant wife of ten years, the Servant-of-God Empress Zita, and seven young children.

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Beyond Kristin Lavransdatter: Sigrid Undset as convert, intellectual, reader of hearts

Sigrid Undset (1882-1949) is most famous for her award-winning Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy. But she wrote much more than that epic work of historical fiction. Sigrid Undset: Reader of Hearts, a new biography and study of […]

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Heresies of Presumption

Michael Pakaluk: Believing we have access to God is rare outside of Christianity, since it has no basis in our nature, viewed with sobriety.

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