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Why I am Catholic — Kenton Pagel

I grew up as the oldest of three boys, and when I was young, we attended a Methodist church pretty regularly. As I got into middle school and high school, we started going less and less, so we only went on Christmas and Easter. After that, we didn’t go at all, so it’s no surprise that my brothers are now atheist, and my parents don’t have strong faith.

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Father of four ordained a Catholic priest June 29 in the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

When Father Stephen Hilgendorf, an Anglican priest who converted to Catholicism, felt called to the Catholic priesthood, he needed to submit an application to the North American, Houston-based Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, which in turn passed along the application to the Vatican. He also needed to write by hand a letter requesting ordination.

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Coronavirus revives the old, ushers in the new in Catholic practice

With increasing numbers of people confined at home with no access to Mass or confession, pastors everywhere, Pope Francis included, have turned to some little-known, or at least little-used, concepts and practices, including “spiritual communion,” indulgences and general absolution.

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