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Category: Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga

Hurricane deluges Central America, Mexico, leaving scores dead, thousands homeless

Pope Francis offered prayers for the victims of Hurricane Eta, which deluged Central America, claimed at least 50 lives and caused widespread flooding and property damage.

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Led by women, Latin America rallies against modern-day slavery

ROSARIO, Argentina —  Experts from around the world gathered online Friday to talk about the scope of human trafficking in Latin America, and to share best practices to prevent modern-day slavery that currently affects some 45 million people from the United States to Thailand. Ilva Myriam Hoyos Castañeda, a lawyer

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Francis vs. the Deep Church

Does the Vatican have a General Directorate for Personnel? This is, perhaps, the most boring question ever posed by a writer in Crisis Magazine. And yet, as we fumble for an answer, we also come a little closer to understanding one of the most confounding papacies in 2,000 years of Christian history. Last Friday, the […]

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