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Category: Philosophy

Evidence for Agnostics: Epistemology is Everything

This is the second article in a new nine-part series entitled “Evidence for Agnostics.” New articles in the series will be published each Monday. Many modern people are functional agnostics.  And, they usually come in two varieties, though many oscillate between agnosticism and atheism.  “Hard” agnostics believe that they can’t know that God exists, and […]

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Finding Happiness in a Complex World

At every juncture of human life and human operations, we encounter individuals and the community under moral, physical, and spiritual challenge. To soften this void, we engage every sort of “ism” as a substitute purpose for human life, whether it be environmentalism; communism and its penchant for economic redistribution; materialism as its own good; atheism […]

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Philosophy Is Not a Box of Chocolates

The motion picture “Forrest Gump” earned six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.  Its most celebrated line perfectly captures the simplicity of the main character:  “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates:  You never know what you’re gonna get.” We do not know what Mama said about philosophy, but if she said it […]

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Light on the Natural Law

Despite the fundamental importance of the natural law, it is often neglected, shunned, or misunderstood.  We have a certain connaturality with the natural law so that a person can live and profit by it without having to philosophize.  Nonetheless, it is important to shed light on the natural law, especially for those for whom it […]

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Extra, extra! News and views for June 15, 2022

The Philosophical Approach – They don’t teach existentialist philosophy at music school, but if they did. . . Advice to Musicians from Martin Heidegger (Ted Gioia) Raised as a Boy – The only long-term study done […]

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Extra, extra! News and views for May 25, 2022

The Leaked Decision – “The leaking of Justice Samuel Alito’s abortion decision caused leftist journalists and celebrities to erupt in hate-filled attacks on Supreme Court justices” Journos and Celebrities RAGE Over Supreme Court Abort…

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