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Category: injustice

A great nation begins to come to its senses

This past weekend in Houston, I had the opportunity to speak at a religious liberty conference about transgender issues, homosexuality and contraception. The conference happened to open on the same day that the Dobbs decision overturning Roe vs. Wade was released by the Supreme Court.

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‘We cannot remain silent’

Sometimes in life we have to speak up and act. We feel compelled to respond to someone in need or we cannot remain silent to a situation of injustice. Our hearts become restless for something more or something new, and we have to listen. These moments can move us beyond our comfort zones and even beyond our normal understanding of good sense. We just know there is something we have to do and cannot ignore it any longer.

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A place for rage?

Over these past very disturbing few weeks, as protests, violence, looting, and upheaval have erupted throughout our country, taking lives, destroying businesses and eradicating a sense of security for too many, I find myself thinking about Jesus and anger. It has often passed through my mind, the one moment in Scripture when it seems Jesus actually experiences rage enough to take up violence: that moment in the temple, his Father’s house, when he overturned the money lender’s tables.

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