We may consider the two readings today as quite contrasting. We may find in the first reading – David committing adultery — as an act that may make us lose hope with David because up to this point, he was a strong and loyal follower of God.

The Gospel reading, however, gives us renewed hope when Jesus declares that even a person with faith as small as a mustard seed can achieve great things for the glory of God.

Perhaps we can say that the readings today bring out the fundamental nature of humans. Being human means to realize that we are imperfect creatures no matter how intelligent, talented, or morally upright we consider ourselves to be. As humans, we are prone to temptation and sometimes fall into the trap of sin.

At the same time, despite all our human imperfections, worldly pressures and temptations, we as human beings stand tall and pure in the light of God even if we possess only a little faith in Jesus. Faith is after all, not only about believing and acting as we do so as disciples of Christ, but also asking God for pardon for our transgressions and forgiving our neighbors for their own

As humans, we may sometimes despair and lose hope especially when we see evil things happening in the world. But as human beings, we find hope in the good that we see through the hearts of others—the good that comes from Jesus who works through our faith in Him.