When David prayed to God saying: “…you make your promises extend to the House of your servant for a far-distant future …” he realized that it was beyond his vision. God had plans for the nation of Israel but not according to man’s limited understanding because it was God himself who will build it. Men are just partners in the historical process.

Remember, that the Israelites understood that man cannot gaze at God because he will surely perish. Man’s finite capacity cannot comprehend that which is infinite.  This is why, in order for man to understand, it would take the initiative of God to reveal it in a way that his finite capacity can understand. This is through Jesus.

Now, seeing God is possible. When we see Jesus, we can see God and not perish. Jesus comes as the Light to a world in darkness. His light is to be held up as a beacon for all to be led out of our sinful world of darkness and into the light of his presence and love. He will show us the way towards the “House” that David once spoke of – far, far into the distant future. We are also told to listen. If we abide and remain in his love and light, we can become fruitful because we will share in that vision for the building up of the “Kingdom of God.” We are given the choice whether or not to respond to his invitation to come into the light and hold it up for others to see.