“What must prevail is the safeguarding of democracy. All citizens and in particular candidates should allow themselves to be enlightened and guided by the values of the word of God: life, human rights, freedom, common good, justice, peace, and spirit of service”, said the Archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Mgr. Sergio Gualberti in his celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God, January 26, 2020, reported Fides News Agency.

In his homily, he said that there was an intense experience of unity around the Bible in the country, when it was reintroduced in the Government Palace, just at the time of the general strike after the resignation of ex-President Morales.

Mgr. Gualberti asked that such a significant gesture must not remain as an anecdotal fact, but becomes a call to know the treasures of the Word of God so that it is light and guide of our personal and social life.
Then he offered the example of Pope Francis, who constantly highlights the merciful love of God the Father who asks Christians to live in charity and share everything in solidarity.

The Archbishop concluded by urging the candidates of the next elections to “give priority to the protection of democracy and unity around common programs, avoiding the dispersion and the danger of falling into authoritarian systems”.

Bolivia is preparing for new political elections on May 3, which should bring the country out of last year’s political and institutional crisis

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