Cardinal Christoph Maria Schoenborn, Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, has turned 75, but who already presented his renunciation to the Holy Father last October, will continue to lead that Archdiocese for longer, but the deadline isn’t specified, reported  Il seismografo. Pope Francis’ decision was communicated to the Cardinal in the early hours of today, according to what was made known by the Archdiocese’s Press Office. Archbishop Shoenborn for now will also continue as President of the Austrian Episcopal Conference. In fact, in these days the Archbishop has gradually reincorporated himself in his pastoral tasks, after recovering from a severe pulmonary infarction.

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Cardinal Christoph Shoenborn, O.P., Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, Ordinary for the faithful of the Byzantine rite in Austria, was born on January 22, 1945 at Skalken (Skalsko), in the Diocese of Litomeice, in Bohemia, in the present Czech Republic. He transferred to Austria in September of 1945. He studied at Schruns and Bludenz (Voralberg).

He entered the Dominican Order in 1963. He carried out his higher studies in the Order’s school. He studied Philosophy and Theology at Walberberg near Bonn and Theology at Saulchoir. Then he studied Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Vienna; Slav and Byzantine Christianity at the Ecole Practique des Hautes Etudes, the Sorbonne and Theology at the Catholic Institute of Paris.

He was ordained priest on December 27, 1970. He obtained a Licentiate and Lectorship in Theology in 1971 and a degree in Theology in Paris in 1974.

From 1973 to 1975 he was the students’ Chaplain at the University of Graz. In 1976 he was full Professor of Dogmatics at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. From 1978 he was Auxiliary Professor of Theology of the Christian East. From 1981 to 1991, he was Ordinary of Dogmatics.

He is a member of the Theological Commission of the Swiss Episcopal Conference (1980-1991), of the Swiss Commission for Dialogue between the Orthodox and Roman Catholics (1980-1987), of the Swiss Commission for Dialogue between Roman Catholics and Christians (1980-1984), of the <International Theological Commission> (from 1980); of the ”Pro Oriente” Foundation (from 1984).

He carried out the function of Secretary of the Commission for the Writing of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (from 1987 to 1992).

On July 11, 1991, he was elected Titular Bishop of Sutri and, at the same time, appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Vienna. On September 29, 1991 he received his Episcopal Ordination in Saint Stephen’s Cathedral.

On April 13, 1995 he was appointed Co-Adjutor Archbishop of Vienna and on September 14, 1995 he succeeded by <coadjution> the Archbishop of Vienna.

In 1996 he preached the Lenten Exercises in the Vatican, in the presence of John Paul II.

He is the author of numerous publications of high scientific value. Significant, moreover, are some of his interventions on the present and future of a united Europe.

Since June 1998 he is President of the Austrian Episcopal Conference.

He was created Cardinal by Saint John Paul II in the Consistory of February 21, 1998 of the Title of Jesus Divine Worker.

He is a member of the Congregations for the Doctrine of the Faith; for the Oriental Churches; for Catholic Education; of the Pontifical Councils for Culture; for the Promoting the New Evangelization; for the Laity; of the 13th Ordinary Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops; of the Cardinals’ Vigilance Commission of the Institute for the Works of Religion (I.O.R.). (Source of the biography: vatican,va)

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