Today is for non-Catholics to ask any question about the Catholic faith!
Questions Covered:

04:12 – I enjoy the Catholic faith until about the Middle Ages. How do you reconcile with those bad times? 
13:08 – Aren’t all presbyters and bishops the same? 
 19:31 – I read Behold Your Mother and love it. My question is, is Eve symbolic or real? If she is symbolic, how can Mary, who is very real, be the New Eve? 
28:30 – I have been receiving the Eucharist at Mass for 30 years but am a baptized Protestant. I never went through RCIA or officially became a part of the Catholic Church. Am I going to go to hell for this? 
34:02 – How can Catholics believe in justification by faith and works? It seems like Catholics are less forgiving. 
41:22 – If the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one person, how do you reconcile that with John 17:3? 
47:56 – Can you clarify why Catholics confess their sins to a bishop when that is God’s job to forgive?