Questions Covered:

08:21 – I have a brother who is civilly married to a Muslim, not through the Church. Is he allowed to receive Communion? 
15:14 – How do we distinguish between prayer to the saints and pray to God? How can we know which is worship and which is not? 
18:17 – Is the symbol of the bent cross, like the one that JPII used to carry, a negative symbol for a Catholic to have? 
22:15 – My husband has recently come back to the Catholic Church. How can I respond to him about things he’s reading about the pope and goings on in the Church that he is now really upset about? 
30:40 – If there is an apparent contradiction between Sacred Scripture and Tradition, how is that solved? 
34:22 – In Genesis, Adam and Eve had children, but who did their children marry? 
43:20 – I have a Jehovah’s Witness coworker. We are talking about the Trinity. What can I use to explain to her the Catholic understanding of it? 
48:33 – How can I explain to Protestants why Catholics believe that you can lose your salvation? Also, how can I explain confession to them if it is not in the Bible?