“All those who are part of this diocesan family of Tapachula, each according to their possibilities and responsibilities, must ensure these migrant brothers a piece of bread, must not be raped, must not receive manifestations of refusal or of contempt and feel, despite the adverse circumstances, to walk among brothers and as brothers, not as strangers, nor adventurers, nor criminals, neither exiled nor despised. God will reward everyone’s effort to see them, listen to them and treat them like brothers. Just as we would like our illegal compatriots to be treated in the United States”. This is the appeal launched by Mgr. Jaime Calderón Calderón, Bishop of Tapachula, to the priests, seminarians, women religious and laypeople of his diocese, after the news regarding a new substantial caravan of Honduran migrants who are heading towards the United States of America.

“The declarations of the federal government and the silence of the state government show us that the official position is, as on other occasions, ambiguous and hesitant”, denounces the Bishop in his message sent to Fides News Agency entitled “Responsibility and love for our brothers”, unsure whether the migrant caravan can cross the border, reach Tapachula or continue beyond the state of Chiapas. “Given this uncertainty, but aware of our Christian duty as baptized children of God – Father of all without differences or distinctions – we feel the duty to show our thoughts with simplicity, clarity, and determination towards our brothers” continues Mgr. Jaime Calderón Calderón.

The Bishop recalls that the diocesan family of Tapachula “has always distinguished itself for being a fraternal and supportive local Church which, since its poverty, has always been careful to show the merciful face of God, being hospitable with migrant brothers”. Its face is that of the good Samaritan, so “we will always make sure that the migrant brothers do not have other sufferings in addition to those that involve a long, winding, bumpy road, insecure and violent”.

In his statement, the Bishop assigns to the various communities, coordinated by the Emergency Commission and the vicars forane, the task of assisting migrants who cross the diocesan territory, invoking God “to help us, once again, to do this work with a high sense of responsibility and love for our brothers”.

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