Questions Covered:

03:26 – When was Moses born? 
06:19 – Did Moses use hallucinogens to speak to God in the burning bush? 
11:54 – I am currently a Lutheran but am contemplating the Catholic faith. Something that is holding me back is the assurance of salvation that I get in the Lutheran Church. How can I better understand this? 
23:16 – Does the Catholic Church approve of a woman taking vitamins and teas to help her overcome her infertility? 
28:44 – I have recently learned about humans who have two people’s DNA. Would this human being have two souls? 
31:27 – I am an atheist. I am not convinced that God exists. How can God exist? If he did, he would be all loving and not allow evil in the world? 
43:37 – What is the great apostasy? 
48:22 – If you attend a gay wedding, are you accepting that lifestyle?