The end of violence, and a negotiated solution that leads to peace and much-desired stability…
Responding to the turmoil in Libya, Pope Francis said this is great wish for the North African country during his Angelus address today, Sunday, Jan. 19, 2020.
He expressed this recalling that peace talks for Libya are being held in the German capital of Berlin, as Russia and Turkey have appealed to the North African nation’s warring factions to enter a ceasefire.

“Today,” Pope Francis observed, “a conference is held in Berlin to discuss the crisis in Libya.”

“I strongly wish that this summit, so important, is the start of a path towards the ending of violence and a negotiated solution that leads to peace and the much desired stability of the country.”

As usual, Pope Francis concluded his address and greetings reminding those present to pray for him and wishing them all a good Sunday and lunch.

Full Angelus Address: to be made available shortly

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