Demand humane immigration

As a person of faith believing in the dignity of everyone regardless of immigration status, I am very concerned about the cruel and inhumane immigration policies that have become a hallmark of our country under the current administration. We should not sit passively by while people — including young children being separated from their families — languish in unsafe conditions, die from preventable illnesses while in custody, or are forced to wait in dangerous border towns while their asylum petitions are processed. This is a serious stain on our nation. How can we preach about justice and human rights when we treat vulnerable people in such a shameful way? It is imperative that we voice our strong opposition to these horrendous immigration policies, demand a humane approach to meaningful immigration reform and insist on the reunification of families, as there are still 900+ children that we’ve separated from their parents that we should reunite with their families. It should be a 2020 election issue, as well as having our elected officials address the long-standing U.S. policies that have created the conditions that force people to migrate.

Geri Martin
Pax Christi, Eden Prairie