What does being the man of the household mean? Find out here, with Prof. John Cuddeback.
Questions Covered:

18:24 – I am a divorced father with two children, 10 and 12. My ex-wife has left the faith. My kids are being very rebellious. How can I best be a father, not pushing the faith on them, but drawing them towards it? 
23:33 – What practical advice do you have for a couple who can’t afford to have the wife stay at home? How can the couple maintain this husband/wife balance when the man is not able to be the sole provider? 
31:10 – My parents were divorced when I was a child, but my father was unswerving. Because of him, I am a Catholic today. 
34:30 – What are your recommendations for good books and movies that encourage healthy manhood for my son? 
42:25 – I am a single mom, divorced due to a mental illness in my husband. What can I do to help my two sons to grow into men who will be the men of the household? 
45:50 – What is the path forward once your kids are grown? How are you man of the house if you are divorced? 
48:45 – How can we practice masculinity in a culture of so much immodesty? 

Resources Mentioned:

 Little Britches by Ralph Moody