Karlo accepts challenges from Protestant callers (and Catholics) on Catholic beliefs that seem to contradict the Bible.
Questions Covered:

06:30 – I have a Protestant friend who doesn’t believe there is a scriptural basis for celibacy in the priesthood. How can I respond to this? 
15:55 – Protestants ask me why Jesus would give us his real Body and Blood. How can I answer this? 
22:00 – As a Protestant, I understand blessings to be gifts from God. What is the Catholic understanding of blessing? Are blessings the same as sacramentals?  
29:38 – I am a Baptist interested in converting to Catholicism. How can Catholics view Mary as perfect and a way to Christ? Where is the evidence for this? 
40:47 – If Jesus is fully bodily in heaven, what are Catholics worshipping in adoration? 
44:45 – A non-Catholic asked me, how can Jesus be both human and divine? They said it is a logical fallacy.  
49:43 – How can I respond to my Protestant brother who says that Jesus’ blood is enough, so I shouldn’t have Mass said for my deceased mother? 

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