Assisi expects over 2,000 young economists and businessmen from around the world to attend a congress from March 26-28, 2020, called by Pope Francis.

In his invitation, the Holy Father explained that the purpose of this international meeting is to “study and practice a different economy, that makes one live and not die, which includes and doesn’t exclude, which humanizes and doesn’t dehumanize, which takes care of creation without looting it.” He is hoping for a ‘pact” at the end of the congress, to change the present-day economy and to give a soul to the economy of tomorrow. “

This initiative, in Saint Francis’ city, on the theme “Economy of Francis,” will witness the participation of luminaries in the realm of the economy, of which there will be Nobel Prize recipients. Already more than 3,300 requests for registration have been received by the organizers, of young people under 35 from 130 countries, under the aegis of the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development.

Luigi Bruni, Scientific Director of the Executive Committee explained that the event is being organized with young people, who have asked for conferences as well as more personal meetings with the experts. Twelve “villages” will be proposed on the great subjects of the economy: employment, management, finance and humanity, agriculture and justice. Energy and poverty, profit and vocation, policies and happiness, inequalities, business and peace, women . . .

It will be an event “of young people,” he stated to “Vatican News.” ”We don’t expect to change the economy in five days! However, we can put something into action, start a process . . . We are doing all that we can for young people to have an experience.” These exchanges will make it possible to suggest “propositions for a concrete change of the economy, which will be reported to the Pope,” he added.

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