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Vatican finance trial: What’s happened so far and where is it heading?

A Vatican judge’s partial turnaround at a hearing earlier this month is a significant plot twist in the finance trial that kicked off this summer. The prosecution has 10 defendants, with many different charges against them, most linked to the management of funds in the Vatican Secretariat of State, particularly to the purchase of a luxury property

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In money and sex abuse cases, Vatican tribunal shows some spine

When the Vatican tribunal handles a case, the assumption has been that its role is to rubberstamp decisions made elsewhere, while lending a veneer of legal respectability. Yesterday, however, that perceived rubber stamp showed some spine.

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Rivalry between judge, prosecutor underlies surreal twist in Vatican trial

At the core of the trial is a showdown between the presiding judge and a prosecutor, both prominent legal figures on the Roman scene, who last butted heads in a long-running court battle over whether the city administration is infested by the mafia.

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Indicted Italian cardinal wants his day in court … more than one, actually

Though it’s difficult to keep an accurate count, the lawsuit against La Verità appears to be one of around ten Italian Cardinal Angelo Becciu has either filed, or threatened to file, against various press outlets and individuals.

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