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Category: Vatican trial

Cardinal at center of Vatican trail claims he has been ‘reinstated’ by Pope

The Italian cardinal at the center of a historic Vatican trial on corruption and mismanagement, said on Sunday that Pope Francis had invited him to the consistory for the creation of 21 new cardinals, to be held on Saturday in Rome.

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Vatican’s ‘Trial of the Century’ faces backlash, comparisons to Inquisition

Lawyer Luigi Panella offered a provocative comparison to the Inquisition in the Middle Ages, when one inquisitor, Dominican Father Nicolas Eymerich, complained that the main obstacle to the rapid conclusion of a case was “the presence of a defense.”

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Vatican cardinal complains prosecutors asked about sex life

The lone cardinal indicted in the Vatican’s big fraud and embezzlement trial has issued a formal protest to the court claiming the pope’s prosecutors had offended his dignity by suggesting he was having sex with a co-defendant.

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