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Category: Vaccine mandates

Extra, extra! News and views for August 17, 2022

Catholic Journalism – Every act of teaching or communication, as Augustine addresses in his De catechizandis rudibus, must be attentive to the desires of the listener. The Future of Catholic Journalism (Church Life Journal, Notre Dame […]

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18 plaintiffs sue University of Colorado over vaccine mandates

The University of Colorado School of Medicine and the affiliated Anschutz Medical Campus engaged in “explicit religious discrimination” by denying COVID vaccine exemptions to 18 students, staff and faculty who filed objections to the vaccines’ […]

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Archdiocese will be preparing guidance for parishes, schools on potential vaccine mandates

Responding to questions from parishes and schools, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis said it will be developing guidance for employees and students on vaccine mandates and COVID-19 testing after the federal government issues formal rules.

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Vaccine mandates and Catholic colleges

In a recent statement from the National Catholic Bioethics Center on COVID-19 vaccines, we noted that the Catholic Church “neither requires nor forbids” the use of vaccines, but instead urges people to “form their consciences and to carefully discern the moral and prudential issues involved.”

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