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Can the state force a religious university to violate its religious beliefs? 

In an emergency petition filed earlier this week, Yeshiva University—an Orthodox Jewish University—is asking the United States Supreme Court to block a New York court order mandating that Yeshiva recognize an LGBT “Pride Alliance” student […]

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Catholic universities and colleges continue to ignore Ex Corde Ecclesiae

As we approach the 20th anniversary of what was supposed to be the implementation of Ex Corde Ecclesiae, there still are very few Catholic college administrators willing to even discuss the document. And even fewer […]

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Panel of women scholars discuss danger of redefining women

Efforts to redefine women undermine their feminine dignity and unjustly pressure them to resort to abortions to keep pace with men in the workforce, a panel of women scholars said earlier this month in a discussion that highlighted the harmful consequences of de-sexing society. Titled “The Dignity of the Sexed Body: Asymmetry, Equality, and Real

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