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Devotion to God the Father

Recently there has been a movement to give greater prominence to God the Father. Actually, this movement extends to asking the Holy Father to inaugurate a Liturgical Feast Day to honor God the Father, and the day would be the first Sunday of August. It is true that the major Liturgical celebrations honor Jesus—His Birthday, […]

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How the Mystery of the Trinity illuminates the mystery of atonement

Margaret M. Turek, S.T.D., is Professor of Theology and Chair of Dogmatic Theology at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University. After studying and earning degrees at the University of San Francisco (where she studied in the […]

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Those Dead Dogmas

Thomas G. Weinandy: More than ever, we must – particularly bishops and priests – vigorously proclaim the mysteries of faith.

The post Those Dead Dogmas appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

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The Trinitarian Coucils – Nicaea, Constantinople, and Ephesus

During the Fourth and Fifth Centuries, the Church was beset by conflict over different understandings of the God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, who they are and their relationship to each other. A series of three major ecumenical councils addressed these questions and progressively defined the Church’s doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity.

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