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Category: Madonna

The mission of Mary

When I was coming back into the Church in my late 20s, Mary was a bit of a stumbling block to me. I didn’t have enough education to make a distinction between worship and veneration, for example. And though I respected the Blessed Mother, I cringed at the way she had been portrayed so often: a pale, passive, perfect Madonna. I thought, there has to be more to Mary than that. Looking back, my ignorance is embarrassing.

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Papal advice: Hail Marys and humor

Last month, the seminarians from Region 8 (Minnesota and the Dakotas) had the privilege of joining Archbishop Hebda, Bishop Cozzens, and the region’s other bishops for the beginning of their meeting with Pope Francis in the Apostolic Palace. After greeting each of us individually, the Holy Father shared some spiritual guidance with the gathered seminarians. “Keep your sense of humor, pray your rosary, and stay close to the Madonna,” he told us, before giving us his blessing.

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