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Category: law

Jesuit journal echoes church teaching on ‘imperfect laws’

A Jesuit physician and moral theologian has called on lawmakers to stop postponing action and to restrict the practice as much as possible by refining and passing an “imperfect law” that is on the table.

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I come to praise Italian Catholicism, not to bury it

It’s easy to lampoon many elements of the Italian Catholic experience – its addiction to government funding to the tune of more than $1 billion a year, its occasional pomposity and inflated sense of omni-competence (bishops here actually give interviews about the tax code and public works, for instance), its penchant for ambiguity if not outright hypocrisy, and on and on – but nevertheless, I come today to praise Italian Catholicism, not to bury it.

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Vatican archbishop walks back criticism of protest on anti-homophobia bill

After apparently to criticize the Vatican’s formal complaint of a proposed anti-homophobia law in Italy during a public event last week, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia has given several interviews on the topic in which he appears to walk back his critique and urges greater Church-State cooperation.

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