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Category: Vatican criminal justice

‘Holy oil’: Trial sheds new light on proposed Vatican investment

According to one of the 10 defendants at a Vatican trial focused on financial malfeasance, Vatican officials considered investing millions of dollars in an offshore oil platform in Angola around the time the pope was drafting Laudato Si’.

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Vatican’s ‘Trial of the Century’ faces backlash, comparisons to Inquisition

Lawyer Luigi Panella offered a provocative comparison to the Inquisition in the Middle Ages, when one inquisitor, Dominican Father Nicolas Eymerich, complained that the main obstacle to the rapid conclusion of a case was “the presence of a defense.”

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Trial testimony: Vatican wanted to pay off London broker

The former head of the Vatican’s financial watchdog testified that the agency launched an intelligence investigation into a suspicious London real estate deal after it learned about it but had no power to stop the Vatican from concluding it.

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Former Vatican official says he obeyed orders in London property deal

A former Vatican official facing charges of extortion and abuse of office related to a controversial London property deal said he was acting under obedience in his role and made no decisions without approval from his direct superior.

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