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Pandemic stimulus bill excludes Catholic school students, their families

The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ education committee said Oct. 1 “it is unconscionable” the HEROES Act stimulus bill proposed in the House is excluding Catholic school students and their families.

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Amid pandemic, future of many Catholic schools is in doubt

As the new academic year arrives, school systems across the United States are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Catholic educators have an extra challenge — trying to forestall a relentless wave of closures of their schools that has no end in sight.

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Competing ideas on economic recovery in competing House, Senate bills

The Democratic-led House approved the HEROES Act in May. The Republican-led Senate introduced the HEALS Act July 27.

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U.S. Catholic schools move to avert fiscal disaster amid pandemic

Catholic schools in the U.S. are busy trying to avert fiscal calamity by turning to government emergency support, online appeals and campus virtual tours to prop up next year’s enrollment.

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Bishops applaud administration’s support for school choice proposal

The right of parents “to exercise freedom of choice in education is firmly rooted in the teachings of our Catholic faith,” two U.S. Catholic bishops said Feb. 5 in a joint statement on a federal proposal to expand parental choice for their children’s schooling.

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Bishops welcome guidance on school prayer, Trump’s proposed rules

The chairmen of the U.S. bishops’ religious liberty and Catholic education committees Jan. 20 praised the Trump administration for issuing guidance on prayer in public schools.

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