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Catholic leaders encourage lobbying, discussion against death penalty

Catholic leaders are encouraging people of faith to get involved in lobbying efforts against capital punishment and to discuss the issue in their parishes and with family members.

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Biden Calls for Unity, Pushes Contentious Agenda

US President Joe Biden addressed a joint session of Congress on Wednesday evening, urging national unity while also proposing an ambitious – and inevitably contentious – legislative agenda.

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Second Catholic president causes some to celebrate, gives others anxiety

Joe Biden became the second Catholic to be inaugurated as president of the United States Jan. 20, giving some U.S. Catholics and their religious leaders a reason to rejoice and others to fear more access to abortion under his leadership.

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Christian churches mirror country’s political division

The messages in Christian houses of worship on the first weekend since the election were as divided as the country’s electorate, with religious leaders mostly calling for peace and unification even as some bemoaned the result and others celebrated.

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‘Caritas in Veritate’ chief says divisions need spiritual, political solution

As the United States continues to wade through racial tensions, partisan divides over the coronavirus, and an upcoming election in the most polarized stage of its history, one social justice advocate has called for reconciliation, saying it is a task that will require both political and spiritual investment.

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