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Dubai parish steps up to help foreign workers stranded in pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has hit thousands of foreign workers hard in the glitzy Gulf emirate of Dubai, leaving them jobless and starving. But one of the largest Catholic congregations in the world, found in Dubai, has stepped up as “Good Samaritans” ministering to the needy, and now it hopes to bless even more during this Christmas season.

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Vatican applauds ‘Abraham Accords’ but fears ‘isolation’ of Palestinians

Archbishop Paul Gallagher also suggested the Vatican would be willing to reconsider its long-standing insistence on a two-state solution for the Israeli/Palestinian conflict should all parties converge on some other outcome that’s both just and fair.

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Pope backs brotherly prayer, but his own backyard isn’t feeling terribly fraternal

ROME – Yesterday was a special day of universal prayer for healing from the coronavirus proposed by the “Higher Committee for Human Fraternity,” a body formed in the wake of Pope Francis’s 2019 trip to the United Arab Emirates, and the “Document on Human Fraternity” he signed there along with

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