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MCC webinar to focus on Church’s response to racism Sept. 9

George Floyd’s May 25 death sparked international conversation about racial inequity and injustice. Questions about race and identity — and the ability in the United States for people to live together in peace and with justice as a racially diverse nation — remain at the forefront of the public discussion, said Jason Adkins, executive director and general counsel of the Minnesota Catholic Conference.

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Catholic institutions combat racism with prayer, education

As the spotlight remained firmly fixed on racial injustice for a third consecutive week in the United States, Catholic institutions began to take anti-racist action in familiar areas for Catholics: Prayer and education. During a June 13 livestreamed “Virtual Ecumenical Rally for Racial Justice” convened by Bishop Richard E. Pates,

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Are These Not My People?

Stephen White: A problem with dialog about race is that we want to have things both ways: to heal as one without accepting any responsibility for a whole.

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