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Category: Office for the Mission of Catholic Education

Archdiocesan schools report highlights enrollment increase

This academic year, kindergarten through grade 12 enrollment is up by 3.5%. Students of color make up 27% of K-12 enrollment. High schools saw 97% retention. At least 16 parish catechetical programs are offered in Spanish.

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What is Catholic education for? Principals explore questions at the crux of Catholic schools

The “Mission, Culture and Emerging Questions in Catholic Education” course begins with a reflection on what it means to be a Catholic educator and how that’s rooted in the idea not just of work, but being called by God to a particular vocation.

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Catholic school leaders, clergy, lay leaders called to fight racism by ‘educating themselves’

The world would have people think one of two things, said Danielle Brown in her keynote address Oct. 21 to a conference of Catholic school educators in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis: Everything is about race, and racism can be found in everything, or racism does not exist, and claims of it are political ploys and false cries of victimhood.

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Archdiocese will be preparing guidance for parishes, schools on potential vaccine mandates

Responding to questions from parishes and schools, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis said it will be developing guidance for employees and students on vaccine mandates and COVID-19 testing after the federal government issues formal rules.

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