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Catholic bishop urges extension of last remaining U.S.-Russia arms pact

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace urged an extension of the last remaining nuclear arms control agreement between the United States and Russia. Bishop David J. Malloy of Rockford, Illinois, said in a Jan. 15 statement that extending the bilateral treaty

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Vatican representative calls on U.S. to sign nuclear-test-ban treaty

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the absurdity of “pouring valuable resources into the maintenance of weapons of destruction while so many on this planet are struggling to survive,” a Vatican representative told a U.N. meeting to commemorate and promote the International Day Against Nuclear Tests.

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Bishops from Japan, U.S. call Catholics to work for nuclear disarmament

CLEVELAND — The path to true peace requires the world to abolish nuclear weapons, an American bishop and a Japanese archbishop said as the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings at the end of World War II approached. Speaking during a 30-minute webinar Aug. 3, Bishop David J. Malloy of

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Japanese archbishop urges U.S. to witness the Gospel of peace

As the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of two Japanese cities approaches, the president of the county’s Catholic bishops’ conference called on the United States “as a Christian nation” to witness the Gospel of peace as lived by Jesus.

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Nuclear era that began in 1945 poses moral questions for the 21st century

Nuclear disarmament advocates are becoming increasingly concerned that despite significant reductions in nuclear arsenals by the United States and Russia, a new arms race threatens to upend the progress made over the last half-century.

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