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The battle for the heart of Notre Dame

It is symptomatic of the importance of the position of Notre Dame in the cultural life of Paris and of France that the proposals for its redecoration after the fire that destroyed its roof have caused such an unholy row. It is not only Catholics who are agitated by what some critics have called the

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Biden skips Notre Dame commencement while thousands sign petition criticizing abortion position

At the University of Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony May 23 with over 14,000 in attendance including graduates, faculty members, families and friends, one notable absence for some was President Joe Biden.

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Hornung, Notre Dame Heisman winner and Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer, dies

Paul Hornung, who won the Heisman Trophy while playing football for Notre Dame and had a Hall of Fame career with the illustrious Green Bay Packers teams of the 1960s, died Nov. 13 in Louisville, Kentucky. He was 84.

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Mario Cuomo’s Gift to Joe Biden

George J. Marlin: The late New York governor once called Joe Biden a “dumb blonde.” But Biden is reaping the benefits of Cuomo’s great abortion lie.

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