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Differing political views part of parish development in Northeast Minneapolis

On August 17, 1913, Ukrainian Catholics gathered in northeast Minneapolis to celebrate. After two weeks of delays due to sick priests, Archbishop John Ireland had finally arrived to bless the cornerstone of St. Constantine Catholic Church at Sixth and University avenues. After the formal event, the priests retired to the rectory and the parishioners gathered at a local cultural hall for festivities.

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Roseville parish hosts ‘Young and Hungry’ livestream forum

About 10 years ago, a school principal in northeast Minneapolis contacted a local church to discuss how some students hoarded food in the food line, especially on Fridays. School leaders knew they had a problem: Some students did not have enough food to eat. But, the school didn’t have the resources to address the issue. So, they asked the church to help find a solution.

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Keeping the faith in the new Northeast

Longtime residents of Northeast have fond memories of growing up in the historically Catholic part of Minneapolis, affectionately known as “a small town in the big city.” They share stories of games of hide-and-seek with 50-plus kids in the neighborhood park. They can tell you the names of the members of every family that lived on their block. And they recall how on Sunday mornings, nearly every family in the neighborhood would walk to their respective ethnic parish, beckoned by the call of church bells that rang out from the 12 Catholic churches and chapels in or on the borders of Northeast.

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