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Category: Noah’s Ark

Virtually Every Ancient Civilization Has a Great Flood Story

Virtually Every Ancient Civilization on Earth Has a Great Flood StoryThe great flood story from Genesis 6-8 has been widely debated among theologians with regards to accuracy and authenticity. The Catholic Church neither requires or prohibits a worldwide flood to be interpreted from Sacred Scripture. Rather, the Church understands these accounts to be translated with “simple and metaphorical language adapted to the mentality of a […]

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Fulton Sheen’s Helpful Analogy For Discouraged Catholics

What Fulton J. Sheen Can Teach Us About Prayer | feat. Al Smith“I can’t deal with the Catholic Church anymore.” “There is too much scandal and corruption.” “The Church is full of hypocrites and I’m leaving.” We have all heard these comments from fellow Catholics (or maybe even pondered them ourselves). It is not difficult to find instances of scandal and corruption within the Church. For faithful […]

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