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Engaging Christian, Muslim youth in Sahel before terrorists do is seen as key

Getting Muslim and Christian young people together to know each other before terrorist groups can sow divisiveness is seen as key to peace in the Sahel region of western Africa, said panelists during a March 30 online workshop presented by Catholic Relief Services.

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Catholic expert calls attacks on humanitarian workers “affront to humanity”

It’s been a particularly trying year for humanitarian workers, as they face unprecedented hurdles to assist people in pre-existing crises in 54 countries, plus a further nine which have been catapulted into situations of need by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Catholic experts, UN warn coronavirus may exacerbate terrorism in Africa

While terrorist attacks have been steadily increasing in countries such as Mali, Niger and Burkina Fasso, Moussa Dominique Bangre, country representative for Catholic Relief Services in Mali, believes the impact of COVID19 could weaken the country’s “capacity to respond to jihadist attacks.”

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African church leaders: Insurgents could increase attacks during pandemic

Catholic clergy in Africa’s northern Sahel region have warned that Islamist insurgents could intensify attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic while police and troops are diverted to civil order duties.

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