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Category: Neil Gorsuch

Waiting for Dobbs

Hadley Arkes: Rioting may follow whether or not the Supreme Court decides to overturn ‘Roe v. Wade.’ So why not strike it down?

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Louisiana, Before the Judgment Seat

In the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, there is a petition for “a good defense before the awesome judgment seat of God.” I often find that abortion flashes through my mind at that prayer. Given the outrageous atrocity that abortion is in the free world, the free people should expect to answer for it when the Judge […]

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What’s Wrong with Bostock

Michael Pakaluk: The SCOTUS decision is deeply flawed, yet Christians who reject its botched arguments are allegedly motivated by irrational animus!

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Further Thoughts on Transgenderism

Brad Miner: A recent Supreme Court decision will likely make it possible for male-to-female transgender jocks to compete against women—without restrictions.

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Defund the USCCB

“Judas was the first Catholic Bishop to accept a government grant.” — Peter Kreeft An integral part of Pope Paul VI’s vision of a more “synodal” Church, his muto proprio Ecclesiae Sanctae called for the establishment of national bishops’ conferences. These conferences would advise the Holy See with mundane administrative tasks (e.g., determining priests’ salaries) as […]

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The Bostock Betrayal

On Monday, the Supreme Court handed down its decision on Bostock v. Clayton County. In it, the Court decided that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would retroactively apply to homosexuals and transgenders, protecting them against employment discrimination. What was once the stuff of BuzzFeed rants is now the law of the land: homophobia and […]

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Et Tu, Gorsuch?

“An employer who fires an individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions it would not have questioned in members of a different sex,” he wrote. “It is impossible to discriminate against a person for being homosexual or transgender without discriminating against that individual based on sex.” This isn’t a […]

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