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Beauty & Wonder Will Help Us to Reclaim Our Supernatural Faith

Beauty & Wonder Will Help Us Reclaim Our Supernatural FaithFor the last two weeks my family and I have been driving across the country visiting family, friends, and making a brief stop for my husband’s work. By the time we get home, we will have gone through thirteen states within these United States. Each state with its own unique character, landscape, and beauty. The […]

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The Truth of Human Nature Goes Beyond Our Biology

The Fact of Human Nature Leads to Our CreatorThe Facts of Life: Human Nature What is “human nature”? Are we merely our bodies? Or, are we our bodies and our minds? Do we have an intangible mind, soul, spirit or are all these merely adjectives with which we describe different functions of our biochemical cortical activity? And, why does it matter?  What is the practical meaning of […]

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The Shock of Holy Dread

Maureen Mullarkey: Nature is both fearsome and wondrous, and the undivided drama of creation includes even things that repel, threaten, and frighten us.

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When All Creation Held its Breath

The Moment There is a singular moment which defines all history; a moment to which all that came before, all that has come after, and all that is yet to come points as supremely significant—the Incarnation. On March 25th of each Liturgical Year, we rem…

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