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War, Vatican II, decision making: Pope shares insights with Jesuit editors

Pope Francis gave the editors of 10 Jesuit magazines a glimpse into how he makes decisions, background on one of his more controversial comments about the war in Ukraine and insight into what he sees as the refusal of some bishops to accept the teaching of the Second Vatican Council.

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Culture Wars and International Affairs

Russia’s absurd portrayal of itself as some sort of Christian champion in Ukraine – even as it slaughters thousands and destroys whole cities, has gotten me thinking about something I’ve been ambivalent about for many years: the effect of American popular culture on the rest of the world.

I love America. And like all sane people who do, I, therefore, come close to hating much about our current popular culture – starting with the fact that we even have it here at home to export. But there are some crucial distinctions to draw about that now-global U.S. presence. And we should not allow to go unanswered those who want to use the decadent elements of American and Western culture and even Western Christianity – which exist beyond all doubt – as an excuse for nefarious purposes. Read more.

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‘Defend these innocent civilians,’ says Ukrainian Catholic archbishop

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not invade Ukraine out of concern that NATO would encroach on his borders, but concern about “the disease of democracy that could spread like a virus, and that’s deadly for oligarchies and authoritarian rulers,” said the archbishop who serves as a “foreign minister” for the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

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Ukrainian-Americans urge prayer, support for homeland after Russian invasion

Archbishop Borys Gudziak of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia is calling on Catholics and “people of good will” in the U.S. to pray, be informed, and help Ukrainians however possible after Russia invaded the country early Thursday.

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