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Category: National Catholic Bioethics Center

Many faith leaders wary of religious exemptions for vaccine

By the thousands, Americans have been seeking religious exemptions in order to circumvent COVID-19 vaccine mandates, but generally they are doing so without the encouragement of major denominations and prominent religious leaders.

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Vaccine mandates open door for bishops to discern an appropriate action

The rise in coronavirus vaccine mandates around the country, including at Catholic diocesan offices, hospitals and universities, has prompted a parallel increase in interest in a vaccine exemption template letter developed by the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

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Will the Unvaccinated Be Saved?

George Orwell once said, “If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” His point has been proven for him a hundred times over, not least in the past few weeks, as Dr. Joseph Meaney shows his July 30 article “The Rhetoric of ‘Vaccine Hesitancy.’“ Dr. Meaney, who serves as president of the National Catholic […]

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N.Y. priests urged not to give religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccines

As some Catholics are seeking a religious exemption to the coronavirus vaccine mandates that are becoming more common in workplaces and even some public venues, priests in the Archdiocese of New York have been advised not to get involved in that process.

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Vaccine mandates and Catholic colleges

In a recent statement from the National Catholic Bioethics Center on COVID-19 vaccines, we noted that the Catholic Church “neither requires nor forbids” the use of vaccines, but instead urges people to “form their consciences and to carefully discern the moral and prudential issues involved.”

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U.S. bishops urge vaccination, but avoid morally compromised vaccines if possible

The U.S. bishops’ conference is encouraging Catholics to get a coronavirus vaccination because it’s a “moral responsibility for the common good,” even is some vaccines are connected to abortion-derived cell lines.

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