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Parish milestone – Annunciation

The Mass at Annunciation in south Minneapolis Oct. 1, 1922, was memorable beyond being the parish’s first. It took place in the storeroom of Minneapolis’ 13th Ward Municipal Tool Shed. A freestanding church wasn’t built for another 40 years, dedicated in 1963. Before then, Mass and other services were held at Community House on Pillsbury Avenue South, in a store at 54th and Garfield Streets, and in the building housing the parish school.

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Pope’s apology to Indigenous people in Canada reverberates in archdiocese

As Pope Francis apologized to Indigenous people in Canada for the role Catholics played in uprooting lives, spiritualities and cultures through that country’s residential schools, his words reverberated among Native Americans paying close attention in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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Fishing, cloud gazing and sensing God’s presence

Deacon Mickey Friesen, 59, a St. Paul father of two, serves as director of the archdiocese’s Center for Mission and as a deacon at St. Thomas Becket in Eagan. A lifelong lover of nature, his goal is to see every state park in Minnesota. He often writes and preaches about the connection between faith and the outdoors.

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South Minneapolis parishes Holy Rosary and St. Stephen merge

The parishes of Holy Rosary and St. Stephen, located about two miles apart in south Minneapolis, merged effective July 1. Sharing financial, formation and evangelization resources will help bring more people to Christ, said Archbishop Bernard Hebda of St. Paul and Minneapolis in a statement announcing the merger. 

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Abria Pregnancy Resources in St. Paul vandalized Aug. 1

When Angela Franey, executive director of Abria Pregnancy Resources, entered the back door of its St. Paul location about 7:30 a.m. Aug. 1, she found a softball-sized rock in the hallway that appeared to have been thrown through glass in both front doors. Looking at the front of the building, which faces University Ave., she saw in red spray paint the words “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you.” She does not believe anyone made it inside. 

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