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Category: Living the Faith

Francis Kenrick and Sowing Seeds

Where are you sowing? Every day, God wants to do something with you. He has a plan. There are certain people you will meet, certain things you will do, certain graces He has ready for you. Most of it isn’t dramatic. But his grace is always present, rea…

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Dads: Do We Have Our Act Together?

A friend once said to me, “You seem to have your act together on the fatherhood front. What’s your secret?” I was surprised and taken aback because I don’t think I have my act together at all. And I don’t mean that out of false humility. I pray every d…

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Leaven for the Kingdom

As we finish up looking at our mission as baptized members of the Church, we must remember—baptism doesn’t only make us members of the Church. It incorporates us into Christ. We become part of His Mystical Body. So we are called to share in a measure o…

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