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Category: Liturgy of the Hours

The Psalms in Times of War

Robert Royal: Psalms are disturbing and comforting. They are about you and me. About the world that desperately now needs to wake to wisdom.

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10 Tools to Help You Offer Your Praise to God

10 Tools to Help You Offer Your Praise to GodOf all of the expressions of prayer, the most sublime and exalted is that of Praise. Saint Ignatius in the Spiritual Exercises, Principle and Foundation (#23) starts out attesting to the fact that Man is created to praise God. Very interesting, before anything else, man is first and foremost created by God so that he might praise God. No […]

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Ten Blessings That Flow From Praying the Psalms

Ten Blessings That Flow From Praying the PsalmsThroughout the centuries, countless men and women have been enriched by the praying of the Psalms. The young and the old, the healthy and the sick, lay people, priests, religious and consecrated souls have received countless blessings from the Psalms. The blessings that flow from the Psalms are abundant, overflowing and timeless. Therefore, it is […]

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Start Praying the Liturgy of the Hours Today

Start Praying the Liturgy of the Hours TodayThe promise of the Liturgy of the Hours calls the soul to faithfully pray the liturgical prayer of the Church daily. The Liturgy of the Hours unites the totality of the Catholic Church throughout the whole world. Catholic means universal and indeed it is a Catholic prayer, uniting peoples in prayer in every part of […]

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The Beauty of Compline

Please help us continue our mission! We welcome both one-time and monthly donations. A monthly subscriber giving just $10 a month will help cover the cost of operating Integrated Catholic Life for one day! Please help us bring enriching and inspiring C…

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Making a Daily Examen

We are well into a new liturgical year and Lent is fast approaching! Isn’t it time that we have been diving deep into the mystery of God and His love for us? A necessary part of advancing in the spiritual life and forming a deeper relationship wi…

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