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Category: Liturgical calendar

Pope adds Martha, Mary and Lazarus, church doctors to universal calendar

Recognizing their welcome of and witness to Christ, Pope Francis has approved changing the liturgical feast of St. Martha to include her sister and brother, Mary and Lazarus, on the church’s universal calendar of feast days.

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Saints Joachim and Anne: Grandparents of Jesus

(From our archives:) Let us sing praises to Joachim and Anna, The couple honoured by God (as they are His kinsmen) They have borne for us the Maiden Who in a manner beyond understanding Gave birth to Him who though fleshless Became the incarnate to save the world With her they intercede for our souls[…]

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Triduum in the domestic church, day by day

Even though Brigid Hadzima uses liturgical living to teach her children, ages 1 to 11, “I still love these things and I’m 34 years old,” she said. “It’s still a grounding for me. It’s a link to the past. It’s a link to my mom, to my grandma. And ultimately, it’s a link to our faith. It’s something I can see, touch, hear, and reminds me of what we’re about, where our heavenly home is, where our home is ultimately.”

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