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Humpty Dumpty, the Corruption of Language, and the Destruction of Society

Almost everyone is familiar with Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. In one of its most famous passages, Carroll neatly encapsulates the central issue in the use and abuse of language: “When I use a […]

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HHS expected to propose health care rule on abortion, transgender services

In early April, the leadership at the Catholic Benefits Association anticipated the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would soon announce proposed regulations that could pose an existential threat to religious-based employers including Catholic hospitals.

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Papal Indulgence and the “Style of God”

Robert Royal: Is it helpful to counsel sinners that they are fine as they are? They should stay ‘marginalized,’ until they confess and repent.

The post Papal Indulgence and the “Style of God” appeared first on The Catholic Thing.

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