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Category: leadership

Dads: Do We Have Our Act Together?

A friend once said to me, “You seem to have your act together on the fatherhood front. What’s your secret?” I was surprised and taken aback because I don’t think I have my act together at all. And I don’t mean that out of false humility. I pray every d…

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Winner of America’s highest Catholic award walks her own talk

On March 14, the University of Notre Dame announced that Carla Harris, the vice chairman of wealth management and a senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley – as well as a gospel singer, speaker and author – will be awarded the 2021 Laetare Medal, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious Catholic award.

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On Marriage, Leadership and Honoring Our Wives

Marriage is in trouble everywhere, especially in our country where over half of marriages end in divorce. Our culture, so influenced by Hollywood and materialism, has set about creating a society which no longer values marriage and the family, but inst…

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