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Category: Laura Elm

Organization provides ‘proper burial’ for deceased embryos from IVF labs

When Laura Elm started a job at a national insurance company, she managed benefits for in vitro fertilization and performance evaluations for IVF centers based on the number of babies born singly and healthy. “I had this gut feeling that maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, that maybe this was a line of work that really wasn’t something I should enter into,” she said.

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Catholics at the Capitol, April 15, aims to demystify advocacy at State Legislature

Back in 2019, Laura Elm, who grew up in Bloomington, had never been to the state Capitol in St. Paul. But she “stumbled upon” the Minnesota Catholic Conference Catholic Advocacy Network, which helps keep people up-to-date on the latest legislative issues, and she learned about that year’s Catholics at the Capitol event organized by MCC.

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